Advice needed! What path should I take?

For applicants who have been out of school for a few years, or are planning to have a family in medical school, or have other non-traditional qualities.

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Re: Advice needed! What path should I take?

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I forgot to also mention...

Personally, I am not familiar with National University so I cannot specifically comment on the impact that would or wouldn't have. But overall, unless you are applying to a highly competitive program or are applying to a specific tract program (for example, Harvard undergrad to Harvard Medical School) usually these don't make a huge impact--meaning the choice of schools. What is better, in my opinion, is to choose the best school you can afford that will help get you to where you want to go. And there are many, many ways to do that. I'll have to leave it to other readers or moderators to comment on National University specifically however as again, I am not familiar with it (and I presently don't even reside in the US).

Hope that helps too and good luck with everything!
Dr. F.

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Re: Advice needed! What path should I take?

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Thank you for getting back to me. I am actually relieved to find out that the initial criteria for application is based solely on M/S GPA and total GPA. I am already well into the accelerated Bachelor's of Biology program that I mentioned above, and am doing very well. I am hopeful that by the end I will have enough good grades to make up for past mistakes. As long as I can make up for all that, and do well on the MCAT, I think I may have a decent shot. Thank you again for all the helpful advice and encouragement!


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Re: Advice needed! What path should I take?

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One quick update - with the new MCAT starting in 2015 both psych and biochem courses will be important. Either take the MCAT before 2015 or make sure those courses are on your list!

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