Success Story

For applicants who have been out of school for a few years, or are planning to have a family in medical school, or have other non-traditional qualities.

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Success Story

Post by Enot »

I don't visit this site very often, and by the frequency of posts, it seems like it is losing popularity.

I have decided to prune down my internet forum use, so I will probably not be returning. Before I go, however I wanted to make one final post.

I did it. On Friday I matched to my number one pick for residency, in a competitive specialty.

I first came on this site looking for advice in 2008, after I had taken the MCAT and was looking for advice in applying. I received plenty, some useful, some poor. What I did find useful was the MCAT/GPA comparison tool on this site, which helped me select schools in my range. I had a 34 MCAT and a 3.4 GPA.

The first year I applied late to 5 schools, received one interview, bombed it, no acceptance. I then did some physician shadowing and investigation into topics of medical school interviews, and applied in June. I applied to 17 schools, got 6 interviews, practiced interviewing, got two acceptances and two wait list positions. I went to my in state school US MD (obviously, but it is important to emphasize the importance of staying onshore). APPLY BROADLY BUT SMARTLY Know what the stats are where you are applying, so make sure your app doesn't end up in the trash pile at an out of sight med school.

I studied hard M1-M2. Did well on Step I, 240's, and Step 2 250's. I did not do research, which I easily could have done between M1-M2. I was also pretty passive during my clinical years, so was ranked below 50 in my class. Applied to 25 residencies, interviewed at 15, matched #1.

If I had it to do over again, I would advise applying in June to AMCAS (a must). Have Physician shadowing before applying. Read about biomedical ethics and the healthcare system to be conversant at interviews. Go to every interview!!!

Med School: Study hard M1-M2. Good board scores will get you interviews, and good board scores come from good understanding of M1-M2 material. Use FIrst Aid and USMLE World. Do research between M1 and M2, before you have to start studying for Steps. When you want that extra experience later, it will be too late.

Very Important: Do not assume your board scores make you smart. Be aggressive and work extremely hard during clinical rotations. I did well, but I would have been top residency material with better effort 3rd year. It is easy to get complacent... Don't do it. In med school you can never coast. Every day you better be hustling.

Final thoughts: Stay in US if you are from US. Caribbean use to be an OK choice, now is a road to debt without residency. DO is fine very good training (better than MD) for primary care (30% of patient visits to PCP are musculoskeletal), but bad for competitive specialties.

Very final thought: Work hard, be hopeful but realistic, and be persistent. I am just another Joe off the street, who studied hard and applied himself. If I can do it, so can you.

Good luck

This is Enot, 6 year veteran of studentdoc, signing off.

over and out

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Re: Success Story

Post by Adminnaoum »

What a great story - congratulations!

Thanks for all your input. I couldn't agree more with everything you said.

Best of luck with residency (and the move, if you are leaving town).

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Re: Success Story

Post by Abdullah »

First of all thanks a lot for sharing such an inspiring story. I must say that its a great story. Your story will inspire lot of peoples.

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Re: Success Story

Post by Jcharted »

Your story is very inspiring. Surely, those who will read your story will be inspired. Thank you for sharing.

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