A Few Good Questions.

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A Few Good Questions.

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I have read on this forum that it is very important to be prepared and know specifics on things you learned while volunteering/shadowing/researching in extracurriculars. Now, I have a decent memory, but when it comes to being put under what could be heavy pressure, things can potentially get "loosey goosey" as far as answering the questions may go.


1. In order to touch on the important things I have to say about my experiences, would it be acceptable to bring notecards or an outline, so that I have references to help keep me on track when answering some of the questions the interviewer may have?

2. Is it a bad thing to just simply tell the person "I don't know" if they ask a question that I literally couldn't answer correctly? Questions revolving around the current healthcare system could be potentially hard to answer, with reform and all. Would the interviewer/s count it against me to not have an answer?

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Re: A Few Good Questions.

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It would be better to rehearse with another a few times then note cards or outline.

you want to come off as bright and able to think your feet.

As far as "I don't know" yes its ok as long as its just a few questions, I think look over all the posted interview questions and have an idea of what you want to answer.

Its ok to say " I have no idea yet of what area of medicine I want to practice yet, I want to wait till after 3rd year." That for instance is a good answer.

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Re: A Few Good Questions.

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Do NOT bring notecards.

Relax. These are your experiences. All you have to do in an interview is present yourself. Let it flow. Rehearse the talking points to these things if you must, but do NOT memorize an answer or something like that. Just be natural.

If you get a healthcare question you don't know the answer to, it is much better to admit that then make something up.

Good luck!

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Re: A Few Good Questions.

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These are nice and professional interview questions. You can improve and create some other more questions for a better and to take full of suspension interview....

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Re: A Few Good Questions.

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I agree with the other responses here. I'd also add that saying "I don't know" to a question is okay as long as you add a positive spin to it. For instance, if you're asked about a current healthcare practice that you've never heard of or you're not sure about, just be honest and say that you're not sure, but that you have been doing some research to make sure that you're current on the happenings, etc.

But above all, you want to be honest. So if haven't done research, don't say you have been doing research. Because the next thing they may ask you is to tell them about the research you've been doing in healthcare practices (or whatever you're talking about at the time).

You'd rather be caught not knowing something than lying about knowing something.

Good luck, and let us know how your interviews go!

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