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post and read interview feedback from your medical school visit.

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Interview Advice

Post by elitea »

What's the best advice you've every gotten about interviews?

What's worked for you, and what hasn't?

I'm scheduled for a few in the next couple weeks, so any and all help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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Re: Interview Advice

Post by alicecrisp »

My main advice is to have a good sleep before an important interview. It seems to me that no matter how well a person prepares for an interview, he or she can not fully answer the questions if feels tired.
Of course, your clothes are important. Here it's not about the business suit, but about the clothes in which you feel comfortable and confident.

Before the interview I usually make a list of topics which they can ask me about. If you are a marketer, for example, you will be asked from your achievements - how you represented the product in your last company, how you expanded the sales market, how helped the company to develop.

But also don't forget about the preparation of questions for the employer. Representatives of the company like to ask how you see yourself in five years. Be the first who ask what prospects can wait for you if you will be a diligent worker. It is important to know whether the company is developing.
And it is important to ask at the end of the interview how much time the employer needs to think about your candidacy.

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