post and read interview feedback from your medical school visit.

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anamaky wrote:Oluf, the second question is really tough man, seriously :)

i smiled several times before i could actually say anything. My mother is big on cleaning, so she associate everything and anything with it. :lol:

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yeah I don't think some of things my mom stressed to me would be appropriate for mentioning at an interview, unless they're totally paraphrased (such as don't be such a lazyass, lol).

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Seriously, though... What's an intelligent way to answer why not nursing, without sounding condescending?

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MDby30 wrote:Seriously, though... What's an intelligent way to answer why not nursing, without sounding condescending?

Uh two different approaches to patient care, Physicians treat and diagnose, Nurses follow treatment and give care. Yes nurses can initiate some treatments but they cannot Diagnose medical problems only care problems, really different ( I'm an RN)

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Two of the questions I was asked:

If you a were part of the most profitable practice in (insert your ideal region of the U.S. here) and the practice wants to begin treating (1) geriatric and terminal illness, (2) pediatric oncology and (3) HIV/AIDS yet your practice could only afford to have two programs, which would you decline and why?

In a Katrina-type situation where there are patients in your hospital (assuming you are already a doctor) and the hospital is overfilled and transport out of the hospital is impossible, how would you handle the situation given limited medical supplies and limited medical staff? (this one was a toughie for me and I spent maybe 10 minutes answering the damn question.)

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