6 interviews- chances?

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6 interviews- chances?

Post by snee123 »

I applied to 17 middle/lower end schools and I've gotten 6 interviews total. I've been to 2 so far and the first i was waitlisted (pennstate) and the second i was rejected (suny upstate). I'm 2 for 2 and it's killing my confidence at interviews. I have four more now, but they're all in march, which is the end of the period- I know my chances are lower :(

my questions:
How many interviews are a good/average number to have under my belt?
How likely is it to get accepted after march interviews?
If you know of any people that have been accepted, can you share stats?


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Post by OlufunshoBY »

i had my interview in feb and i got accepted. 6 interviews is impressive believe it or not. I had 2 (for US med schools). Do you think your interviews for the 2 schools went well or not? What are the names of the remaning schools?

Relax, you still got 4. You know all you really need is one, so hopefully you will get it. If they are not going to consider you for acceptance, then you won't get any invitation. so keep that in mind.

Good luck

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Post by MD_hopeful »

So you know soon after the interview whether or not you are accepted? Am I understanding that right?

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Re: 6 interviews- chances?

Post by spazzmatic »

What would you say the average wait time is to hear back from a school after an interview? I have two interviews in March but my acceptance deadline for another school is at the end of March and I'm not sure if I will be able to make my decision by then.

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Re: 6 interviews- chances?

Post by Antony000 »


This is not lottery chance. Nobody can tell your future including yourself. I think the best you can do is to improve your interview skill now, or whatever grade that you think you need to improve.

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