6 interviews- chances?

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Re: 6 interviews- chances?

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You'll be fine. 6 is plenty. Good luck

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OlufunshoBY wrote:i had my interview in feb and i got accepted. 6 interviews is impressive believe it or not. I had 2 (for US med schools). Do you think your interviews for the 2 schools went well or not? What are the names of the remaning schools?

Relax, you still got 4. You know all you really need is one, so hopefully you will get it. If they are not going to consider you for acceptance, then you won't get any invitation. so keep that in mind.

Good luck

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Re: 6 interviews- chances?

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6 is good! By the way, what were your stats? Just interested..

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Re: 6 interviews- chances?

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cheechootrain wrote:6 is good! By the way, what were your stats? Just interested..
Yes what are the stats? Pennstate is an Ivy league school BTW

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Re: 6 interviews- chances?

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Be confident!

Batting 0/6 is quite unlikely. Put your best foot forward every time. Seriously, it is really unlikely you won't get any of the 6.

Also, keep in mind that schools usually do accept the majority of people on their wait lists. Not all, but most. This odes vary by school, however.

Really, I can't believe you're nervous with 6 interviews! You're doing great, nd you're in a much better spot than me.

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