I am Shocked, disappointed, need help.

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I am Shocked, disappointed, need help.

Post by needresidency »

I am a US citizen graduated from the Caribbean school.
My step 1 is 210 First attempt
My step 2 is 220 First attempt
CS passed
Overall GPA : 3.8
Summa cum laude graduate this year.
ECFMG certified.
2 years of clinical rotations in USA
4 years of job experience
2 presentations

I applied to 190 programs of my interests( IM, Anesthesia, Radiology, and Emergency medicine)
And I am shocked, angered, cried, disappointed that I have not received a single interview....why ???
Can someone help me match ?, I don't know what to do, i don't want gap or go through post match.

I have been following some forums and see posts from applicants who got interview and i am completely in utter shock and disappointment.
Here are few of them I saw:

1) Med school: Thailand: Non us citizen
step1 195 2nd attempt
step2 212
cs passed 2nd attempt
Awaiting ecfmg certification
no US clinical experience
Interviews : Applied to 110, Received 10 in IM so far.

2)caribbean grad: us citizen
step 1 205 step 2 220 on 2nd attempt
cs passed ecfmg certified, GPA- 3.1
As of November have 15 IV's in IM. Applied to 60 programs

3]Med school : india: Non US citizen
step 1 190 on 2nd attempt, step 2 215 on 2nd attempt
cs passed 2nd attempt
awaiting ecfmg certification
ive applied to 200 programs, got 7 interviews so far in IM, 1 in FM

4)caribbean grad: us citizen
step 1 200, step 2 210 2nd attempt
cs passed
ecfmg certified
gpa 2.8
applied to 250 programs got 12 interviews, 10 im FM, 2 IM

5) med school: london
step 1 198 3rd attempt
step 2: 212 1st attempt
cs passed 3rd attempt
ecfmg certified
applied to 148 programs- got 8 FM Ivs, 3 IM ivs, 1 Anesthesia IV

6) brazil med grad
step 1 212 4th attempt: my english no good so had hard time passing
but step 2 i got 215 1st attempt
cs passed 3rd attempt
ecfmg certified
i want to go to california and florida so i apply 100 programs got 12 interview 8 in FM and 4 in IM

7)caribbean grad : us citizen
my stats: step 1 got 210
step 2 took 2nd time 215
cs passed 2nd time
awaiting ecfmg certification
gpa : 2.7
applied to 170 programs- surprisingly got 20 interviews, 15 IM, 2 surgery, 1 EM

I saw quite some more--- can some resident, program director, help me out, i cried my heart out...i honestly don't know what to do or who to talk to, i am so disappointed.

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Re: I am Shocked, disappointed, need help.

Post by vilargiselle »

maybe the issue comes when you are getting interviewed. Check yourself, remember is important to dress up appropriately, behave appropriately, talk and say things in a proper manner etc....treat absolutely everyone with respect... also maybe you should get professional help to guide you

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