Different terminologies...differnent meanings

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Different terminologies...differnent meanings

Post by docbedi »

i hv done my mbbs from amritsar college and m currently doing my internship. i want to do externship in ysa , can some one tell me how to do it or where to apply for.

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Different terminologies...differnent meanings

Post by ashish_padnani »

hello docbedi
u can do externship in the US medical colleges, but let me specify certain terms that r used in US and they differ from those used in India.

Internship : In US, internship called CLERKSHIP which is done during the final year of med school curriculum.

Subinternship : Its mostly done during the fourth year in US med schools where u have responsibilities that of first year resident ie intern (in us)

Intern : In India, it means one who is doing internship and is not yet a graduate
In US, it means first year resident.

Externship : In India means internship done at a place other than hospital affiliated with your own medical college.
In US, it means clinical experience usually done by the foreing Medical graduates (FMGs), please note, its graduates, which means it is done after completing the internship in India.
However, this term is also used by some when a final year US medical student does an elective posting in a univeristy other than his own, which means similar to that of India..

Observership : U just observe the residents and doctors performing clinical examination and some procedures. U are not allowed to touch the patient. It is not considered as US clinical experience but can definitely help in getting some LORs. (something is better than nothing)

Also, u can do externship (indian term) in US, which in US is also called Clinical Electives. For that u should first select the med school where u want to do the electives download their application form from their website, know their rules, and apply them as soon as possible.

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Re: Different terminologies...differnent meanings

Post by Rajeshsaagar »

Thanks for specifying the different terminologies in Medical field. Please offer information about books, reference MCQ's, one-liners and entrancebook used for different medical PG exams.

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