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Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Re: what do you guys think??

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jhtran wrote:
MD2BEEE wrote:So, here's my situation:

I'm in the spring of my junior year.. I've had a very rocky start at the beginning of my career due to extrenuating circumstances.. all of which have been paper documented and provable. by the end of this semester I'll be at a 3.4 gpa. I've had above a 3.6 gpa for the last three semesters, so I'm showing upward progression from my first year at school. I haven't taken my mcats yet but i plan to take them in june. Also I have 200+ hours of volunteering overseas in a hospital that serves blind disadvantaged people. I also did a semester of independent research on tissue regeneration in corals. to make a long story short, what do you think my chances are of getting into a medical school? By the time I graduate I should have a 3.6 cumm gpa, my science gpa should be within that realm as well. Should I look into a SMP? also if I apply for a masters' in immunology or something to that nature, would I have to complete the program before reapplying to medical schools??

3.6 cGPA and sGPA is relatively good. Now aim for 30+ MCAT and you'll get accepted to at least 1 med school. However, keep in mind that if your GPA falls below a 3.6, then it's usually very slim. If you haven't gotten the hint yet, LOL, 3.6 is somewhat minimal for US MD, despite of what other stories cause you to think.

Also, apply BROADLY, and I don't mean apply to 20 different Ivy League school either. With a 3.6GPA and let say... 32MCAT... I would apply to in-state and mid to lower tier school. Try Harvard if you have a gluttony for rejection.


Yes I just posted that the average accepted MD student is 3.6 and 32

so I think on the lower side 3.4 or higher and 30 or higher still has a chance at MD schools

Below 3.4 no Then DO
My best guess:
DO Lock at 3.5
Good shot at 3.4
OK at 3.3
Poor at 3.2
next to none at 3.1

Based on the large application pool

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Re: Please help!!!

Post by susanspy »

hello all

i am to interested in getting the information wasift has mentioned in the post .

please post as much as possible.................... :|

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Re: Please help!!!

Post by jhtran »

wasift wrote:...My ultimate goal is specialty surgery. Somewhere between the lines of Caridothoracic, neuro, ortho or Plastics considering a Good Board score. So any suggestions, DO or Caribs MD...

susanspy wrote:i am to interested in getting the information wasift has mentioned in the post .

GO WITH DO. You have an extremely slim to none chance of making it to surgery from a Carib MD stance.

Does that answer your question? Both Wasift and Susanspy?



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