Multiple questions

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Multiple questions

Post by FiendishFuManchu »

Hello, I have a few questions regarding med school admissions (specifically DO med school).

My undergrad GPA, while not abysmal, is pretty below average at a 3.1. With retaking some classes I should be able to get it to between a 3.2-3.3 in a couple years (I'm in no hurry).

That being said, I do need to clarify some things. I started my undergrad career in 2000 at a community college, and we'll just say that college was "not for me" at that time. After a brief time soul searching and riding out a quarter-life crisis, I returned to the same college and finished my associates, posting a 3.98 GPA over 3 semesters and raising my overall GPA to 3.00ish.

Once I transferred to my current Alma Mater, I did less-than fantastic and finished with a 2.85, this being so low because my undergrad (like most) doesn't factor transfer credits into the math when calculating your GPA. When the transferred credits are counted, however, it ends up being a 3.08. And, if I retake physics and bio 101 and 102 and earn B's or better, I can pull that up reasonably. I'm volunteering at the local hospital and plan on shadowing very soon, and I just took practice MCATs and scored a 24 and I haven't opened a science book since May, so I could conceivably do at least a bit better with preparation. I now work full-time as a lab technician.

After that long-winded backstory here are my questions:

When a DO school looks at my transcripts (all of them), will they aggregate all of my grades together to form one large GPA (with replacement grades factored in) or will they look at each transript separately?

Will the span of time between royally screwing up at first and doing better on my second go-round count for something even if my GPA dips below do to poor performance early on? I'm a very good student but I changed my major and as a result spent the three years at college taking all of my science reqs and virtually no gen eds or electives, normally 2-4 per semester!

And lastly, do you think that even if I bring my GPA up to a 3.2-3.3 and score between 25-30 on my MCATs and have my ECs in order I'm barking up the wrong tree applying to OM school? While grades are ultimately intrinsic I don't feel like paying a good deal of hard-earned money ramping my pre-reqs if I don't even stand a chance of getting in (Carib is out of the question for me btw). Maybe post-bacc would be better?

Any help is great help, thanks in advance

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Re: Multiple questions

Post by tramflap »

The application shows all of your grades, but the retakes cancel out the first go-around. So if you do better on the pre-req's, you will definitely improve your AACOMAS GPA.

An upward trend in grades is always favorable.

You aren't barking up the wrong tree. I had a GPA quite a bit lower than yours, an MCAT a few points above the avg. matriculant score, and a great list of EC's, letters, etc. I decided to do a MS at my current school instead of jumping right into the medical curriculum (I'm glad I did, getting A's as a first year medical student). You can definitely make it happen. If you end up with an AACOMAS GPA of ~3.3 and an MCAT of ~27, you should have a good shot. Look into some MS programs, mine was amazing.

One last piece of advice, no excuses. You buggered up early on, got over it, and are all the better for the experience. I said that to my interviewer and he appreciated my honesty. He also gave me 2 thumbs up for admissions.

Good luck, and don't let anyone tell you to stop trying.

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