26M MCAT/3.0 BCPM Any chance?

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26M MCAT/3.0 BCPM Any chance?

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Salutations all. I'm new to the board and wanted to get an honest opinion of my chances at Osteopathic Colleges. My cumulative GPA is 2.7 and my BCPM is 3.0 from SUNY Stony Brook; I took the MCATs twice and my best score was 26M. Last year (junior year) I applied to 13 allopathic schools and received 13 rejection letters. :cry:
...definitely learned from that, and now that I've graduated want to have another go.
I am currently waiting to see if I was accepted to the NYMC 1-year Master's Program. I am also looking for a job, so I will have something to do and save some money for Medical School. I am trying to avoid foreign medical schools because of the price, but am willing to go the length to become a doctor.

Thanks, Xe.

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Re: 26M MCAT/3.0 BCPM Any chance?

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a masters program is not a bad idea. Is the program geared towards med school. if not, look into postbac programs offered by med sch for candidate that can't get it in their first try. some offer automatic admission at the completion of the program.

i wouldn't retake MCAT just yet. focus on the postbac for now and see how it goes.

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