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Re: Chances?

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While I agree with your last statement CaribMD, people with similar stats get in every year. Though it isn't the norm, it does happen. I am of the opinion that if money isn't an issue, then one should apply, even if they have stats that are less than ideal.

Everything you say in this forum is good advice, and I usually agree with you. I just think that someone with lower stats who really wants to get into medical school, and who isn't too worried about the cost of applying, should just do it. If there is a slim chance that they could get in, then there is no point in (possibly) wasting a year by not applying. I had a GPA that was REALLY low, so I did the MS program before med school. But if someone has a 3.0 or better, and an MCAT that is near the 25-26 average, they have a chance (though it may be slim).

And with the above logic in mind, I would tell the OP to apply this year. AGAIN, this is if you aren't concerned with the cost of applying, and if you can get the app in quickly. Good luck.

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Re: Chances?

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I caution on Desire and reality.

Having a strong desire does not help with the facts. As I work here to try and clarify this process for people, I try hard to be as supportive as possible, but if you know there are white sharks in the water should you still jump in?

I honestly believe that someone with a 3.0 does not stand a fighting chance of getting into medical school no matter What the MCAT score is or the EC's

GPA = hard work over time, studying and professors with regular life
MCAT = one day of problem solving

different stats thats why they both count equal.

Rejection is a powerful Downer by the way. :wink:

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