Chiropractic Student with Second Thoughts...HELP!!

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Re: Chiropractic Student with Second Thoughts...HELP!!

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I am a graduate of a chiro school; have been in practice for 4 and now applying to md program. my mcat was 28...but i have practice and research experience. I think that you are on the right track...don't get into chiro, unless you are a business guy and/or you are really passionate abt's really your call to decide where you want to stay...take your mcat, then decide where to apply. I've been interviewing at md school and most of the drs interviewing are knowledgable and/or go to see a, be confident abt your achievements so far. My chiro gpa was 3.6, undergrad 3.9...but my mcat was not shiny...i think i have a pretty good shot; i;ve interview at 4 spots and waiting. but i wish i did it sooner...good luck with whatever you decided or already have

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Re: Chiropractic Student with Second Thoughts...HELP!!

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