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Posted: Thu Jun 29, 2006 6:41 pm
by Tulani500
Hi everyone. I need EVERYONE's two cents on this bit because I cannot seem to get a straight answer out of my friends in DO school, my friends in MD schools, my pre-med advisors, or my grad advisors. I am 22 years old and already have a Master of Science in biology from NYU. i teach there presently; im an adjunct instructor in the biology department. my GPA is about 3.6. I have 100+ hours of volunteer in the ER of franklin hospital, undergraduate research experience, graduate research experience, clinical experience in the radiology department of another hospital, you name it. My only major flaw lies in my test taking ability- i took the MCAT twice and only got a 24R. This means obviously, US allopathic schools are out of the question.
So my question is: Which will land you a better residency (if your primary interest is general surgery): Going to a top D.O. school in the country, or St. George's University in Grenada for the M.D.?
I am aware of the biases towards being a D.O. and find them appalling. I am also conscious of those who run to the Caribbean with a 3.0 and a 17 on the MCAT, and wonder if, now that allopathic US med schools are SO competitive, if the caribbean ones are more competitive as well.
Any and all comments-- please help!!

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 7:01 am
by OlufunshoBY
carib MD or DO will get u where ever u want to get to. You must remember it all depends on how u perform on the boards. Both carib MD and DO have some of stigmas attached to it but that doesn't necessarily mean everything u hear are true.

I really can't tell u which one to pick but i will advice you to go for the one that will make u more comfortable as a person. If being an MD makes u feel more comfortable then maybe carib is for u and if DO is ok with u then fine.

People will say what they want to say for different reasons (i.e ignorance, curiousity and just flat biases).

I had a choice to choose between ross and west Virginia DO school and i pick WV because my priority was to stay in the states for different reasons.

SO u have to figure out which one would work for u the best.

good luck

Posted: Fri Jun 30, 2006 8:08 pm
by anamaky
how did you prep for the MCAT? poor test taking skills can be overcome by taking lots of practice tests. did you take a prep course? I'd give it one more try before going for the caribbean. I'd take a good prep course and use exam crackers materials and AAMC's online practice MCAT packet to prep. My test taking skills were not the best either and I probably took around 10 or 12 full length MCATs along with practice passages and studying and did just fine (took a lot of work :)).

Posted: Sat Jul 01, 2006 1:53 pm
by Tulani500
TRUST me I am the MCAT guru. I konw the test cold, I have been studying for it since 2003. I could teach the damn prep course. I took a practice MCAT every week for almost a year, then when I ran out of tests, I did subject tests. I broke 10 on each section, but for some reason could not get a collective score of over 30. I dont know if its the anxiety of test day, or the longevity of test day, but whatever it is... I am just a bad standardized test taker. I took the MCAT twice and I think it's too big a risk to take again- there is no guarantee I will do better, and if I don't, the consequences of having taken it 3 times will far outweigh hypothetical benefits.