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Regarding My Application

Posted: Mon Jul 24, 2006 10:20 pm
by collegekid77
Here is another "what are my chances" question for both Osteopathy and Ross/SGU in the Carribean:

GPA: 2.97 (b/c of immaturity and irresponsibility my freshman and sophomore years; I am at the point now where it is leveling off no matter how many more As and Bs I get)

MCAT: 23-O (I am retaking it this August)

Medical Experience: 5 years worth

Research Experience: 1 Chemistry research project, 1 Genetics research project

I noticed that WVSOM and PCSOM have MCAT averages of about 21. Does this make any difference? I would prefer either WVSOM, PCSOM, Ross, or SGU anyhow... any suggestions?

Posted: Tue Jul 25, 2006 4:46 pm
by wagdog1
The standard response: Osteopathic schools tend to look at the whole application. The fact that you have 1 chemistry research project, 1 genetics research project, and 5 years of medical experience all help to that effect.

The realistic response:

With a 23-O and a 2.97 GPA, you are going to have difficulty applying. I am not suggesting that you do not apply, but I am suggesting that you be prepared for the reality that you have very little chance of getting into an MD program in the 50 states.

However, the caribbean might be an option. Typically, the MCAT avgs for these foreign medical schools is between 7 and 8 putting you right into the average range of acceptance. Your GPA is still a little low, but if you want to go this route, I would still apply seeing as you have demonstrated an interest in both science and medicine through your experiences. I would also apply to a few osteopathic schools. Please, please do not say the word "irresponsibility" in your interviews should you receive them or in your AACOMAS/AMCAS/Carib med statements! Immaturity may be excusable, but irresponsibility is not! Nothing is harsher in adcomms ears than an irresponsible doctor which was graduated through their med school.

Here are some tidbits:


Avg GPA: 3.0

MCAT: recommended


Avg GPA: 3.23


BS: 5
PS: 7.3
VR: 6.7
Essay: N

Ponce School of Medicine:

GPA: 3.4

BS: 6.7
PS: 6.7
VR: 7.2
Essay: K

American U of Caribbean:

GPA: 3.1
BS: 7
PS: 7
VR: 7
Essay: O

University Central De Caribe

GPA: 3.3

BS: 7.2
PS: 6.3
VR: 6.4
Essay: L

Just to name a few... keep in mind with Foreign Med programs that you want to RESEARCH these schools to see if they are english-based and if they are "the big four" or whatever... i haven't put much time into reseraching them i'm sure someone will follow up with more info...

Like I said, I'd still apply to some osteopathic schools bc to me, they are preferable to being a FMG. Just a personal preference... many will disagree.

Best of luck!!


Posted: Sat Jul 29, 2006 10:27 am
by Arboth
i thought ponce only accepts people from puerto rico.

Posted: Sun Jul 30, 2006 11:00 pm
by wagdog1
no i believe that's puerto rico university or whatever... like i said i haven't really looked into them. They're not really an option for me seeing as I'm engaged and I'm not dragging the fiance down to the carribean.

best of luck!!