Few Questions ...

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Few Questions ...

Post by TheDOC »

What would be better ... going to DO School or going to a Caribean School?

- If i work hard @ DO school, can i get into a surgery residency or any residency I want?
- What about caribbean [St. George for example] ... if I work hard will residency programs take me seriously even though I went to a caribbean School?

I am currently a sophmore with a 3.0 GPA Bio major, just starting to get into some more difficult classes and am just contemplating whether or not I should switch majors or not. I need a 3.5 or so GPA each semester to graduate with a 3.3 or so. Should I switch majors or just work my but of as a BIO major? Will I be able to get into a D.O. school with a 3.3 GPA when I graduate? Carribean?

- Also ... would it be better if I graduate as a sociology/philosophy/liberal art having taken the pre-req's of a DO/MD school and graduate with a 3.4 or 3.5 than a bio major as a 3.1 or 3.2 ?

Thanks ... I know this is a loaded question. :D

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Post by anamaky »

I'll leave this one to OldPro for the most part, but here's my two cents.

If you don't like or agree with the DO philosophy and only want to use it as a back up to MD schools, go to the Carribbean (this is my own personal opinion and is a matter of principle, really). If, however, after researching DO schools you think that's your cup of tea, by all means, do apply. A 3.3 will not be hugely competitive for DO schools, but depending on your MCAT score, you'll have a shot.

If you're not enjoying yourself as a bio major and think that it'll sink your GPA even more, and are interested in another major (humanities) and think that you can do better switch immediately. If you have Cs or worst in your pre med requirements you might want to retake them. But bottom line is that what you major in is not nearly as important as your science/overall GPA and your MCAT score. There are plenty of humanities majors in my class and at my school who did well in their pre reqs and on the MCAT and they had no problem getting in. If you do switch your major, however, keep in mind that you will want to take at least one or two upper level bio courses not only to strengthen your background, but to also show the adcoms that you can handle tough science courses.

As far as stigma goes, unfortunately both DO and caribbean schools have some stigma attached to them (it's mostly due people's own ignorance), but if you can make it in either (especially the big 4 for the caribbean) and do well on step 1, you'll be able to compete for most residencies. But right now I would focus on bringing up your GPA and doing well on the MCAT. after that you can decide if you want to or need to do a post bac and go for US MD schools or apply to DO and caribbean schools. Believe me, your GPA is not as bad as it could be and we've helped people with much worst GPAs on these forums.

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Post by slava »

Only one comment: all schools asking you science GPA and non-science GPA. Plus, MCAT is require pretty deep science knowledge, so its up to you to decide.
Normally, all so you called them "hard science" classes should be taken during first 5 semesters preparing you to MCAT and leaving you a time to relax before medical school taking only so I call them "useless" non-science classes during your sophomore year.

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Post by OlufunshoBY »

i am in DO school and i am leaning towards surgery. If u do well on your boards with good recommendation, u will be fine be it DO or carribean.

Taking you seriously would depend mostly on your scores than where u went to. even if the school is not that good but u did really well, it shows u put in the work by yourself and it also reflects discipline.

Go where it is convenient for you and not where people say it is the better of the two. U are the one going to be a doctor and that's all that matters when u making your decision.

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