Seeking advice , how was your interview?

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Seeking advice , how was your interview?

Post by ididwellonmcat »

Have you ever been in an osteopathic medical school interview?
Can you give me some tips about doing well on interviews?
what kinds of questions did they ask you?
I know there is alot of information out there about this, but I want to ask those people who have had first hand experience :shock: .

Thanks for your help in advance! :D

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Re: Seeking advice , how was your interview?

Post by DOdoc »

It's an old post, but will answer anyway. Just FYI, osteopathic schools will ask you the same questions except perhaps some regarding the interest in OMM and osteopathy as a whole. In some ways, it can be a guage to see how well the student understands the differences between allopathic and osteopathic medicine.

It's wise to do the research before you interview. I'm happy to provide any information to those whom this post is currently relevant if it's needed. But as a whole, one should expect questions like why you want to be a doctor (please don't say because you want to help people and leave it at that. It's a tired, old answer and does not show much thought--everyone who applies to medical school wants to help people. It's implied!!) why you want to go to that school, why the interest at all. There are many questions that could be asked, but as a rule--approach this with the goal of convincing the admission committee why you should be admitted, no matter what school it is.

Good luck,
Dr. F.

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