Anyone taking any OMM classes yet?

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Anyone taking any OMM classes yet?

Post by ididwellonmcat »

I have a few questions, I know what OMM techniques are, but I heard some of these techniques are also used by physiotherapists, is that true?

If it is, do you know of any techniques that might be used by physiotherapists, I have tried to get more info on this on the net, but it seems not much info is there except maybe wikipedia...

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Re: Anyone taking any OMM classes yet?

Post by DOdoc »

This is an older post, but have been asked this several times.

I know that there are classes that one can take to learn many of the techniques taught in OMM in DO schools. Sadly, I have even heard of situations in which someone can be "certified" by internet classes. As far as I know, almost every topic taught in OMM is available for review or provided by some classes.

I know of many MDs who have taken some classes to learn techniques of muscle energy and strain/counterstrain, direct/indirect muscle energy. In this example, I think it is great that MDs want to learn these techniques--how can it hurt to gain and apply useful knowledge in a practice where the goal is to heal and help? With that said, I would be very careful accepting treatment from anyone other than a physician (I'd recommend a DO first--it's their basis of training, a MD who can verify the proper training second, and for me--probably no one else who claims to know OMM. That does not mean that the practioner hasn't gain other, similar skills in their field, however, and this should be accepted too--just be careful if they call it OMM!). Though OMM is very safe in most circumstances, there are also those few that can do damage if not performed correctly in the appropriate situations.

Specifically, I would avoid--or at least really research--any one who claims to know OMM that is not a physician if they claim they can do HVLA techniques (the ones that produce the 'pop' or 'crack') and cranial especially. These can cause injury or discomfort if not done properly in the appropriate circumstances.

For anyone who claims to know OMM that is not a DO, I would ask about their credentials and time spent to learn the techniques. They take time and practice, and simply can't be learned in a weekend class in 8 hours.

With regard to the specific question, I do not know if physiotherapists learn OMM, but I would guess they learn their own techniques which may be similar to OMM. I am not saying to be leary of someone who has learned their craft--I'm saying to be careful of those who are not a DO claiming they have learned OMM, and that is different. I know many MDs who have learned certain treatments, and I would trust them in their abilities. It's anyone other than that who claim they can perform OMM that I would investigate carefully.

Dr. F.

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