Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Comlex is an inferior test and should be done away with or transformed into an optional add-on portion to the USMLE if the student, Allo or Osteo, wants to be considered for the osteopathic residencies. If a student is prepared for the USMLE, then they could spend literally 2 weeks on the OMM material and score just as highly on the COMLEX.

The comparisons that are made between the two tests, "USMLE is more detailed oriented, COMLEX is more treatment oriented and less biochem.", is, in itself proving that the COMLEX is an inferior test. Medicine is about DETAILS and the fact that people disregard this by supporting COMLEX is disappointing.

Also, any DO student that decides only to take the COMLEX is an idiot. The limited amount of oseotpath residencies is even worse than the shortage for allo spots and no allo residency director is going to be "forced" into converting COMLEX score to USMLE equivalents and then evaluate the applicant.

annnnnnnnnd last but not least, kydo you have been misled, D.O's are trained the same as M.D.'s except for that D.O.'s have to deal with "OMM" distracting them from studying actual evidence based medicine. OMM is the most low-yield thing ever invented.

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