Medical TV shows

Review your favorite medical TV show.
Was it medically accurate? Was it anatomically accurate (that is, do residents actually look like that?)?
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Post by wackie »

I'm not really into the drama.

I used to love the Discovery Health Channel. They're starting to have too many shows on babies. I also wonder what Adoption Stories has to do with health :?:
Maybe they need a Discovery Parent or a Discovery Wish to be Parents channel?

Regardless, Super Surgery, Impact: Stories of survival, Residents, Life in the ER, shows of that nature keep me glued to the long as it's not a rerun for the fifth time. Even then, I'll watch them.

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Post by alexfair »

i love house. i was once told by a friend of mine that i would be as crazy as House. having never seen the show, i began to watch it religiously. I can't REALLY see how i am at all like House...except maybe the curiosity factor, but ended up loving the show.

really don't like gray's anatomy...seems too fake to me....only seen half of two shows and just couldn't sit through them...

ER also never liked it, too dramatic. grew up in an ER (father is a doc and single parent) and it was nothing like that.

love forensic shows...and law and order with a special place for the SVU spin off... then i have to ask, why is death and crime so intersting to someone who want to heal?


Grey's Anatomy

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I loved Grey's Anatomy, but I wonder how much of that is true. Like when the cast would do things against the wishes of their supervisor, etc. I don't think you'd be able to do that and get away with it in real life.

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Post by anamaky »

I love Gray's anatomy because it is so fake:) it's like being a resident in fantasy land, treating illegal immigrants behind the dumpster and second guessing your attendings all the time. I mean come on, I have to be able to live vicariously through some one:)

Love Scrubs, haven't seen House and cannot stand ER.

Also cannot get enough of Discovery health channel's real ER, residents' lives, etc... but don't like the baby shows.

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Post by tommy »

totally addicted to "Trauma: Life in the E.R." and "Paramedics". They're on basically every weeknight at 7, and if you're an insomniac or are up late, from 1-4am basically every night on Discovery Health channel are back-to-back-to-back episodes of Trauma, Trauma (again), and Paramedics.

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