In real life...

Review your favorite medical TV show.
Was it medically accurate? Was it anatomically accurate (that is, do residents actually look like that?)?
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In real life...

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All those medical shows, House, Greys, see whites and whites and once a while blacks playing doctors but in real life you see more Asian doctors and nurses.

This is what I have observed while working in the hospital setting.

I have met very very very few black doctors or nurses

Correct me if I am wrong....
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almost racist?

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I've met both black doctors and nurses. Lots actually. It just depends on where you live more than anything. I see more asians and indians in the academic side of medicine.

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Exactly it depends on the area. Here at UCI i see almost 100% azn dr and nurses but then again we are called the university of chinese immigrants so it makes sense as there is a huge azn population here lol. If you went to a hospital in say the howard area or moorhouse maybe you would see a huge number of black dr and nurse probably. Asians are over represented anyways in medicine so it would be expected to see a lot of them.

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You should visit California.

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Cash McCallister wrote:You should visit California.

I think my flesh would burn off if I set foot in Cali.

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