USMLE prep tips

USMLE preparation and score implications.

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USMLE prep tips

Post by Adminnaoum »

What are your tips for USMLE prep?

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Re: USMLE prep tips

Post by Rajeshsaagar »

I would recommend the candidates who want to take up USMLE should prepare constantly from their first year and taking the help of online resources is a must. As many online resources provide worthy content that helps in preparing for entrance exams. I don’t have much info on portals providing content for USMLE but I hope contents provided in ‘entrancebook’ portal might help in other Medical exam preparations.

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Re: USMLE prep tips

Post by Sawank »

If you want to prepare for USMLE entrance exam, then you need to take help from online resources. For more information and tips about USMLE you have to try this ... Step-1.pdf

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Re: USMLE prep tips

Post by edwardsymmon »

I need the best guidance tip on how to learn USMLE easily and how to attend the test.

usmle step 1

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Re: USMLE prep tips

Post by majormedical17 »

Our class negotiated this deal, thought I would pass it on! Hope it helps someone. :)

Till You Pass Step 1 Till You Pass Triple Bundle (QBank/Videos/Flash Facts) for only $199! That’s 50% off the regular subscription price of $399. [EXPIRES November 27th, 2014]
Includes: Till You Pass Step 1 Qmax Question Bank/First Aid Express Videos/First Aid Flash Facts combo – our Triple Play. The Till You Pass subscription gives you 12 months to take your exam, and up to more 12 months to pass. They will even let you purchase the subscription now and delay its start date for up to 6 months.


This is the best promotion that First Aid/USMLERx offers each year, so even if you don't want to start your subscription now, I recommend purchasing this now and opting to start your subscription at a later start date (e.g., save now, use later).

Disclaimer: This Promo Code expires November, 27th, 2014. This discount cannot be combined with any other discounts. This is a new purchase promotion only (i.e., does not work on extensions).

Steps to apply the discount:
1.) Go to the USMLE-Rx website
2.) Click on the "Till You Pass**, $399.00" Option and then click on the "Subscribe now" button, which takes you to your Shopping cart
3.) On the Shopping Cart page, Click on the "Checkout" button
4.) On the Checkout page, enter GDTRIP exactly as shown in the "Enter discount codes" section and "Click to calculate discounts"
5.) Your discount should be applied and you may finish the checkout process

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