$100 Off The Princeton Review MCAT Courses

MCAT preparation and implications of MCAT scores.

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$100 Off The Princeton Review MCAT Courses

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Dear members,

The Princeton Review offers all Studentdoc members a $100 discount on courses for the MCAT, DAT, OAT, USMLE, GRE, GMAT or LSAT. This offer cannot be combined with any other offer and is not valid for previously enrolled students.

Use promo code: STUDENTDOC100 when enrolling online at the Princeton Review or give us a call at 800.2REVIEW (800-273-8439). For details and complete course offerings, visit http://www.princetonreview.com/partner/studentdoc.

MCAT Prep Options:

MCAT Ultimate – This course provides 260 hours of comprehensive prep, including 105 hours of live instruction covering full content and test-taking strategies and 22 hours of Verbal Reasoning prep. You’ll get ample realistic testing practice with 19 full-length practice tests and 15 diagnostic exams.

MCAT Small Group Instruction
- A maximum of 4 students in a class means that this program is our most tailored classroom offering. Gain many of the benefits of private tutoring at a more economical price. Small Group Instruction offers phenomenal flexibility as the curriculum is tailored to meet your needs.

MCAT LiveOnline – The MCAT is no walk in the park, but that doesn’t mean you can't prep in your PJs. MCAT LiveOnline provides the superlative prep we’re known for in a highly interactive, state–of–the–art online classroom.

MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline – Reading comprehension skills are essential to a good performance on the MCAT, even in the science sections. Give yourself an edge with our MCAT Verbal Accelerator LiveOnline course.

MCAT Private Tutoring - You can learn a lot from your peers. But sometimes you can learn more without them. For those times, a private tutor is your smarter choice. Whether you want to supercharge your prep course with a few hours of private instruction or choose a full-fledged tutoring program. You’ll benefit from exceptional instruction and stellar results.

Get to Know the MCAT, LSAT, USMLE, GMAT or GRE – Easy as 1-2-3
1. Take a FREE Online Practice Test
2. Get a detailed score report and print it out
3. Call The Princeton Review — you can set up an appointment with an expert instructor/counselor who will walk you through your results and discuss your prep options.

FREE Medical School Matching Service
- Looking for the school that’s right for you?
The Princeton Review is an expert in matching students with the right schools based on their academic profile and personal interests. Now you can get this unique, personalized and valuable advice firsthand. Save time on your school search and get hard to find information such as rankings, program offerings and scholarships.

Ready to get started? Just take 2 minutes to create your profile (click Medical) and The Princeton Review will start emailing you “best fit” school recommendations!
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Re: $100 Off The Princeton Review MCAT Courses

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Frankly, I think Princeton Review is a pretty good course. I've written reviews of it on my own website and others many times. But if you're just starting to look around for an mcat prep course, I recommend taking some time to read what has been written by independent reviews online before you make any big commitments. Again, nothing against TPR, but it's not necessarily the right course for everyone. Each mcat prep company has different styles and materials and if you're going to dump close to $2000 into a course, you should really try to find one that suits you. You should also ask yourself if you really need to be taking an MCAT prep course. Some people benefit from them, some people don't. Also, every test prep center is a little different depending on who runs it and who teaches at it, so I'd recommend talking to someone who's taken classes there. Thanks, Bryce

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Re: $100 Off The Princeton Review MCAT Courses

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Nothing is wrong with a good deal.

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Re: $100 Off The Princeton Review MCAT Courses

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Understanding and knowledge for new ideas here.

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