Should you retake the MCAT?

MCAT preparation and implications of MCAT scores.

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Re: Should you retake the MCAT?

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Amanda 845:

As for the total score, I would say, don't retake it, because you were lucky to get a 14 on the Bio and, although you might improve the Verbal, the Bio would probably go down if you retake.

However, if the test date of 2011 is going to limit your range of schools to apply to, then you should retake, because you should apply to a broad range of schools

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Re: Should you retake the MCAT?

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We have a saying at MCAT Fox: When is a 33 better than a 36? Here is the answer...

When a student gets a 10-13-10, that's going to an elite medical school. The 13 in VR means you will ace your USMLE and be an effective doctor. Also, it means you put in a ton of hard work, and you'll need to continue that in medical school.

When a student gets a 13-10-13, that raises some red flags.
"Why didn't the student work harder at the VR section?"
"Sure, the student is great a science, a lot of people are, but not everyone can be a doctor. It takes more than that."
"Why is the student satisfied with only a 10 in the VR? Shouldn't they try again?"

That's why a 33 can beat a 36 when the decision moment comes. Work hard on the VR, everyone. It matters!

~ MCAT Fox

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Re: Should you retake the MCAT?

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Hey people,

I took a look at the "retaking MCAT calculating" website, it's disappointed, it seemed that the most one would improve is by 2 or 3 max, is that right? I have a CGPA of 3.61 and 32S in MCAT

9 VR
10 PS
12 BS

Should I retake the MCAT in August? :roll:

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