New Medical School Ranking

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New Medical School Ranking

Post by jgrossman22 »

Not sure if anyone saw this, but thought this med school ranking is interesting, especially being able to read the med student reviews. Obviously you want to take rankings with a grain of salt, but I think the student prospective sheds some good light. Rankings below....

The future doctors of America have spoken. In a recent survey, current med school students rank the medical school at University of Washington, Seattle number one in the nation. is an online guide to graduate schools for prospective graduate students. On the site, current and recent students attending graduate programs at more than 1,200 schools across the country rate and review their experiences and post pertinent comments. According to the cumulative responses, ranks the various programs.

The student-based rankings for the nation’s top medical programs are:

1.) University of Washington, Seattle (9.24 stars)
2.) Emory University (9.08 stars)
3.) University of Southern California (8.88 stars)
4.) The University of Chicago (8.87 stars)
5.) Duke University (8.847 stars)
6.) Vanderbilt University (8.842 stars)
7.) Stanford University (8.83 stars)
8.) University of Michigan-Ann Arbor (8.68 stars)
9.) Harvard University (8.67 stars)
10.) Yale University (8.66 stars)
11.) Eastern Virginia Medical School (8.622 stars)
12.) Case Western Reserve University (8.620 stars)
13.) Brown University (8.54 stars)
14.) Northwestern University (8.48 stars)
University of California, Los Angeles (8.48 stars)
16.) University of Arizona (8.47 stars)
17.) University of California, San Francisco (8.46 stars)
18.) University of South Florida (8.44 stars)
19.) Temple University (8.42 stars)
20.) University of Virginia (8.41 stars)
21.) New York University (8.38 stars)
22.) Medical College of Wisconsin (8.37 stars)
23.) Tufts University (8.36 stars)
24.) University of Pennsylvania (8.32)
25.) Washington University in St. Louis (8.25 stars)
26.) Columbia University (8.248 stars)
27.) University of California, Irvine (8.242 stars)
28.) University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center (8.18 stars)
29.) Baylor College of Medicine (8.125 stars)
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (8.125 stars)
31.) University of Utah (8.120 stars)
32.) Drexel University (8.08 stars)
33.) Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine (8.03 stars)
34.) University of Miami (8.02 stars)
35.) Loyola University, Chicago (7.98 stars)
36.) George Washington University (7.95 stars)
37.) Johns Hopkins University (7.86 stars)
38.) University of Vermont (7.73 stars)
39.) SUNY Upstate Medical University (7.72 stars)
40.) Oregon Health and Science University (7.71 stars)
41.) Georgia Health Sciences University (7.683 stars)
University of Illinois at Chicago (7.683 stars)
43.) University of Minnesota Twin Cities (7.65 stars)
44.) University of Pittsburg, Main Campus (7.63 stars)
45.) Georgetown University (7.56 stars)
46.) Tulane University (7.50 stars)
47.) Northeast Ohio Medical University (7.46 stars)
48.) University of Colorado, Denver (7.18 stars)
49.) Boston University (7.11 stars)
50.) University of Rochester (7.06 stars)

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Re: New Medical School Ranking

Post by Adminnaoum »

That's an interesting ranking.

Studentdoc has its own medical school rankings that combines in the "Mixed Rankings" competitiveness (MCAT and GPA), research (NIH funding), and cost/debt to the student. Our top 10 is quite different:

1 Washington University in St. Louis
2 Harvard University
3 Johns Hopkins University
4 Stanford University
4 Baylor College of Medicine
5 Mayo Medical School
6 Yale University
7 University of California--San Diego
8 University of California--San Francisco
9 University of Chicago
10 University of Pennsylvania

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Re: New Medical School Ranking

Post by Abdullah »

Ranking of medical schools are normally created base on Size, Focus, Research, Age. Size is divided into very large, large, medium and small. Focus is divided into Fully Comprehensive All faculty areas + medical school, Comprehensive All faculty areas, Focused faculty areas, Specialist faculty areas. Research quality is divided into Very High, high, moderate and limited or none. Age is divided into five parts Historic >= 100 years old, Mature >= 50 years old, Established > 25 years old, Young >= 10 years old, New < 10 years old.

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Re: New Medical School Ranking

Post by farofa »

In what way is the "research" counted in?

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