Are Foreign medical schools now a really bad idea?

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Re: Are Foreign medical schools now a really bad idea?

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Hey so I just finished med school in Argentina. Personally, I feel very prepared and have shown skills and knowledge on several ocassions already. The system here is different than in the US. Here we don't need MCAT, as a matter of fact you don't need anything. Everybody gets in but from the first moment until you are done (7 years) it is a non stop filter. Only a very low percentage of the people who initiated with me finished me school (like 20%). I know this differs from many other places where getting it is harder but the dropout rate is low.

Again I don't feel as if I am at any disadvantage. I took the step 1 and did relatively well, feeling that I did not have to complement too much what we learned (just needed to orient it more towards what the steps focus on). Now days I gave up on the US and am planning to move to Spain, and there too there is a hefty exam to match into residencies that I need to take. Seeing some of the questions repeated for that exam (it's called the MIR) has also led me to conclude that overall I had a good medical education.

So in summary, no I don't think foreign medical schools are a bad idea. I think it is a harder route if you want to practice in the US, since it definitely is a road less traveled. Again it worked out for me and I finished med school with no debt (since studying here without enslaving yourself to debt is possible since it is cheap in the private unis and free in the public ones).

This was my experience, of course others can disagree with me.

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Re: Are Foreign medical schools now a really bad idea?

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Personally I'm thinking about European schools. I'm considering Jagiellonian Univ in Cracow, Poland and Charles Univ in Prague, Czech. I was thinking about Germany, UK, but costs of living are just huge in there. I compared medical schools in West and East Europe and all the costs and I believe Czech Rep or Poland is not a bad idea.

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Re: Are Foreign medical schools now a really bad idea?

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And what do you guys think about Eastern European Schools? I'm was thinking about Prague in Czech Rep or Cracow in Poland... Any experience? Please share :)

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