MBBS in Philippines

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MBBS in Philippines

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Lyceum University is becoming a first choice for all those student who wants to study MBBS in Philippines in low cost and with highly professional academics.

Here are some achievements of Lyceum University:

1) Lyceum University achieved the status of being the “first medical school of North.”

2) Lyceum University is also ranked as no. 5 worldwide based from the 1982 educational commision of foreign medical graduates exam results in Philadelphia, USA.

3) Lyceum University is one of the top medical university of Philippines.

4) Lyceum University is the most trusted college by Indians with more than 80% Indians currently studying there.

5) The lowest cost in comparison with any other college makes it very economical and prioritised college for MBBs in Philippines.

Here is the link of the college home page if you have any enquiry about course you can contact them directly.


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