Nursing Profession

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Nursing Profession

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Hi, Just wanted to give some of my in site on the Nursing after 20 years as a nurse.

I started out as a CNA over 20 years ago, I thought if I could not take the body fluids and mess then maybe I should do something else.

I was fine and in fact I felt good about the job.

SO I went onto Nursing school, I was engaged and thought that I did not have the time nor the grades for medical school so Nursing would be it.

Honestly I loved nursing, it was interesting and I had a a lot of responsibility but I wanted autonomy.

Nurses do get a a lot of autonomy.

Nurses are beloved by the public

They have a good reputation as caring.

Nurses have to know proper treatments and how they should be ordered and how to be performed.
Nurses can refuse to carry out any treatment they feel is not correct and could cause harm,
This includes drug therapy

Nurses have to follow the Doctors order for carrying out the treatment but if for some reason they feel the treatment is improper then they do not have to carry out the Doctor's order and call the Doctor to notify reason and then the Doctor may change the treatment.

Nurses can initiate treatments at times through nurses orders

Nurses experts at care delivery where Doctors are experts at Diagnosing

Nurses are also experts at Psych social aspects of patient needs also.

Like Doctors, Nurses are an essential part of the patient care team.

It's an honorable profession

Nurses have never been "Hand maidens" of the doctor this was a sexist stereo type that never really existed. Females and Males are Nurses

Like Doctors the shortage for Nurses is at an all time high.

For those of you thinking for either spending a few years as a Nurse or as a Lifetime career I welcome you into a rewarding and interesting life.

Good Luck :wink:

The reason I went to medical school was not just one, but many, I looked at NP and decided that the time and cost was almost the same as MD and decided I wanted to be a FP country Doc.
It fits and the experience as an RN will only enhance my practice. :mrgreen:

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