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Nursing School How long will it take?

Posted: Thu Mar 04, 2010 7:17 pm
by CaribMD
Nursing school How long?
It depends,

Two programs

My program AACC:

The RN program requires these courses for admission:


All prerequisite courses must be completed with a grade of "C" or better. The initial selection for the fall class will be made from applicants who have completed all eight prerequisite courses by the end of the spring semester. For spring admission, prerequisites must be completed by the first eight- to ten-week session of the fall term, no later than November 1. Please note that not all prerequisites are offered in the accelerated sessions; therefore, they must be completed in the summer prior to the application deadline.
Course Credit Hours
ENG-111-112 - Composition and Introduction to Literature 1, 2
ENG-115-116 - Composition and Introduction to Literature for
Non-Native Speakers 1, 2
ENG-121* Composition and Literature 3-6
PSY-111 - Introduction to Psychology 3
PSY-211 - Developmental Psychology 3
Mathematics gen. ed. requirement 3
BIO-223 - General Microbiology
and 4
BIO-231-232** - Human Biology 1, 2
BIO-101, 233-234+ - Fundamentals of Biology,
Anatomy and Physiology 1, 2 8-12
Total Credit Hours 24-31

*Successful completion of ENG 121 fully satisfies the college English composition general education requirement. Students who take ENG 121 and not ENG 111-112 may need to take an additional elective course.
**Recommend taking within the past 5 years.
+BIO 101 is a prerequisite for BIO 233-234. Therefore it will take 3 terms to complete this sequence.


These courses may be taken concurrently with the nursing courses and must be completed by the end of the nursing course sequence with a grade of "C" or better.
Course Credit Hours
SOC-111 - Introduction to Sociology 3
Arts and humanities (except Eng) gen. ed. requirement 3


* High School Diploma or equivalency or bachelor's degree or higher
* Chemistry: 1 credit, 1 year of High School general chemistry OR a college chemistry course to include CHE 011 or CHE 103/111/113/115 with a grade of "C" or better
* Arithmetic Proficiency: All applicants must take the Arithmetic Placement Test and pass with a score of 27 or higher. This test must be taken and passed by the application deadline. MAT 005 may take the place of this test, but it must be completed with a grade of "C" or better by the application deadline.
* Satisfactory Academic Standing: Students must have a minimum grade point average (GPA) at this college of 2.0 to be considered for selection in the RN program.

Students who are offered conditional acceptance into the RN program will have to complete a criminal background check, health examination record and CPR (American Heart Association Basic Life Support CPR for Health Care Providers). Final acceptance into the program shall be contingent upon satisfactory completion of a criminal background check and completion of the health examination record. First Year,

Nursing school:

Term I

NUR-120 - Foundations for Nursing
7 credits

NUR-121 - Basic Physical Assessment
1 credit

NUR-122 - Nursing Perspectives 1
1 credit

First Year, Term II

NUR-130 - Nursing of Adult Clients in Health and Illness 1
5 credits

NUR-131 - Maternal, Newborn Nursing and Women's Health
4 credits

Second Year, Term I

NUR-220 - Nursing of Adult Clients in Health and Illness 2
5 credits

NUR-221 - Nursing Care of Children and Families
4 credits

Second Year, Term II

NUR-230 - Nursing Management of Clients with Complex Health Problems
and Transition into Nursing
9 credits

NUR-231 - Nursing Perspectives 2
1 credit


* Typically, lectures are 2-3 hours one to two times per week

College Lab

* Typically, labs are 2 hours per week
* Open labs are available weekly for additional practice of skills


* Typically, clinical is 2 days per week
* Clinical days will start at 7 a.m.
* We have a variety of clinical sites we use each semester

Last Updated: Jul 29 2009 1:40PM

University Of MD
UMSON requires successful completion of a nursing entrance exam as one of the requirements for admission to the Bachelor of Science in Nursing program. Students should plan to sit for the Nursing Entrance Test (NET) or Test of Essential Academic Skills (TEAS) no later than September 1 to be considered for Spring admission and no later than February 1 for Fall admission.

NOTE: The NET will be accepted for the Spring 2010 and Fall 2010 semesters only. After the Fall 2010 admission cycle, the TEAS will be the only entrance exam accepted (for Spring 2011 and until further notice).

This is the prereq work sheet from UofMD School of Nursing:

The following courses must be completed prior to enrolling. Please check (√) the courses you have completed and identify those that
you plan to complete during the current academic year.

Traditional BSN Program - ALL courses required if an applicant does not already have an undergraduate degree
RN – BSN/MS Program - ALL courses required if an applicant does not already have an undergraduate degree

Clinical Nurse Leader Program, Second Degree BSN Traditional, and RN – BSN/MS Applicants – Only courses in bold are required for any
student who will have an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year institution, prior to the start term

1. Check if
completed (√)

Credits - Course 2a.What college will you attend or did
you attend to complete this course?
2.b Which
semester/term will
you or did you
2c. Course Number.
SAMPLE – English I √ U of MD College Park Spring 2002 ENGL 101
SAMPLE - Anatomy & Phys II U of MD College Park Spring 2003 BSCI 202

3 English I (not creative writing)

3 English II (not creative writing)

4 General Chemistry

4 Anatomy & Phys I

4 Anatomy & Phys II

4 Microbiology

3 Intro to Psychology

3 Intro to Sociology

3 Human Growth & Development (through the lifespan)

3 Social Science Elective

3 Mathematics – College Algebra, Pre-Calculus, or Calculus

3 Statistics

3 Humanities

3 Humanities

3 Humanities

3 Nutrition

4 Elective

3 Elective

Social Science Electives: Anthropology, Economics, Geography, History. Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Social Work
Humanities: 3 courses from at least 2 of the following disciplines: Art, Communications, Foreign Language, History, Literature, Math, Music,
Philosophy and Speech
Electives: No studio courses are accepted

Nursing school part:

A typical plan of study for full-time, upper-division BSN students in the traditional option is outlined below:
First Semester
Course Title Credits
NURS 304 Introduction to Professional Nursing Practice 4
NURS 315 Pathopharmacology 5
NURS 320 Science and Research for Nursing Practice 3
NURS 333 Health Assessment 3
Total 15
Second Semester
Course Title Credits
NURS 325 Context of Health Care Delivery I 2
NURS 330 Adult Health Nursing 7
NURS 331 Gerontological Nursing 3
NURS 405 Informatics and Technology 3
Total 15
Third Semester
Course Title Credits
NURS 407 Nursing Care of the Childbearing Family 5
NURS 308 Nursing Care of Infants/Children: A Family Perspective 4
NURS 402 Psychiatric/Mental Health Nursing 5
NURS 418 Directive Elective (if not previously completed) 3
Total 17
Fourth Semester
Course Title Credits
NURS 403 Community Health Nursing 5
NURS 425 Organizational Leadership and Management 3
NURS 487 Clinical Emphasis Practicum and Seminar 6
Total 14
Total Credits 61
General Education & Prerequisite Courses 59
Total Credits for BSN Option 120

The main difference between the two ( has been in the past ) is the prereqs
Both lead to RN

Good Luck

Re: Nursing School How long will it take?

Posted: Tue Jun 29, 2010 11:50 am
by CaribMD
best places I know are the Hospital web sites and then looking up listing of places and going there to apply in person.

Have a Good CV and dress nice business.

You will get a job despite the hard times.


Re: Nursing School How long will it take?

Posted: Sun Sep 05, 2010 3:37 am
by marizandres
It depends on how you will manage your time. If you're single then you can finish it at the earliest possible time. There are also online programs that you can earn your degree especially for those who are already married.

Re: academe

Posted: Wed Sep 22, 2010 4:55 pm
by CaribMD
lee09 wrote:yes all those units provided are quite accurate..but this coming years, i think the nursing academe is trying to formulate a 5 year syllabus this time..both good and bad news for all interested applicants.. :shock:

Yes true I'm glad I graduated in the 80's :shock:

Re: Nursing School How long will it take?

Posted: Fri Aug 19, 2011 7:06 am
by johan123
There is more than one way to become a nurse. There are two-year programs at community colleges and four-year programs at state schools.
Most of these programs require certain classes in order to enter the program (called pre-requisites), if you don’t have them already, you’ll have to take them first. A college counselor can help you plan your schedule.