CNA->LPN->RN->MD? (Info inside)

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Re: CNA->LPN->RN->MD? (Info inside)

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I am with CNA dude on this... become a NP. A bit less responsibility, but you still get great patient interaction and more autonomy. My girlfriend is a vet... We have all talked to various MD's... Dr.s rarely like their lives and careers.. Not to say they don't all of the time. But when I was a medic and I was toying with the idea of med school I dont think I ever got a positive response from any Doc regarding their career choice. Tons of time put in, tons of hours, tons of patient reliance upon you, tons of continuing education research. I simply wouldn't want to do it, but hey if you have the desire for that type of career then more power to you. =)

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Re: CNA->LPN->RN->MD? (Info inside)

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There are a number of benefits to enrolling in CNA to RN program. They are a great option for those who wish to increase their income as well as their opportunity for career advancement in the health care industry. You can have all sorts of detiles in our website to make the change.

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