Coping with Stress

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Re: Coping with Stress

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Hi Amy. I see it's been a while since you made the original post; but, I'll put my two cents in anyway and hopefully someone can benefit from my advice.

One thing I do for stress is find a time each day to hunt the good stuff. This means finding three good things that happened that day. It can be something awesome like a promotion or something small like having a really good meal. What's important is being able to find three good things, thinking about why they were good, and remembering how they made you feel.

I try this strategy on my family with out them even knowing it. My mom tells me about her day and when she gets to the good things I ask her questions. Once, she told me she lost five pounds on a new diet. I asked her all about the diet and what it was like to see the results and she loved talking about it. I was happy because she was happy and for once not focusing on the negative.

I learned about this in a positive psychology book called Flourish. They have a lot of good advice in that book, although some parts weren't as interesting.There are positive psychology websites too.

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Re: Coping with Stress

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i think the best suggestion is to leave the stress at the workplace, and live a normal life when you get home

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