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Help for nursing students

Posted: Thu Apr 10, 2014 6:45 pm
by brittanykRN
Hi everyone!

I am working on making some youtube videos to help nursing students; but, I don't know what topic/subject to cover first...
When I was still in school, I would take all of our lectures, re-enter them and add pictures, tips, sayings to help us remember things, etc. and posted them for all of us. Everyone said that they really helped them. So…I was wanting to put this into video form to help others. Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for all of your help!!!

Re: Help for nursing students

Posted: Wed Apr 16, 2014 11:55 am
by elitea
Wow, that's a great idea! I'm not a nursing student myself, but when I looked up videos of notes for nursing students on youtube, I could only find videos about how to stay organized and how to take notes during school. These are great topics, but it seems like the direction you're trying to take these videos is to include notes about nursing topics and things students learn in nursing school.

I'd say that a good place to start is where you've already started. If you take the notes from school that you turned into online formats with pictures, tips, etc. and turn them into a video format, you might be able to do those pretty quickly and build an archive while thinking of good topics to add on to those. As far as how the video should be presented, I would suggest that you put the notes into a PowerPoint slideshow and use a voice over to read/further describe each slide, and include pictures, short videos, tips, etc.

Then, if you're interested, you can create a blog/website to link to where you can place those notes you made in school. This way, people who view your videos can have a way to see a few of the notes without having to go through the whole video; they can simply pick out slides or pages they need.

I hope all of this made sense. Again, I'm not a nursing student, but I think your willingness to make a video for students in nursing school is a wonderful idea. Have you gotten started making the videos at all? :)

Re: Help for nursing students

Posted: Fri Jun 06, 2014 3:23 am
by vicky25
You should try the youtube channel by Michael Linares named simplenursing it has lots of videos related to nursing.

Re: Help for nursing students

Posted: Thu Feb 26, 2015 4:52 pm
by cnacram
I think the best thing you can do is start with the basic things that you think nursing students needs to know.
or probably start with a video that talks about the important elements of becoming nurse so that students, would be urge to really pursue a nursing course.

Re: Help for nursing students

Posted: Mon Mar 23, 2015 1:20 am
by cnacram
I'm thinking if you can make topics like basic nurse skill practices. Do a video exercise to help students visualize and practice these things. Example, make a video from these tips: or this one,