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Posted: Wed Dec 07, 2005 7:57 pm
by jab4medic
Great analogy. check your in box wackie. Also for victronics for some reason im long winded tonite, delaying studin for finals. Not to dive to deep in the hospitals politics where I work but the main reason we retain our "Paramedic scope" in the ER is because ALL EMS personel are hospital employees, the hospital is a county operated organization, The ambulance service (also county run) for lack of better terms leases us from the hospital. With that being said that is one of the main reasons we carry full scope in the ER. The Hospital hires us as paramedics. In the less fortunate areas(for lack of better terms) most medics in the ER's are hired as Tech II's or someother name which limits their scope to BS job detail. Look real close to a "medics" name tag more than likely it will say Tech or ER Tech in that case they are limited to BS duty. If they are recognized by the hospital as Paramedics and employeed as such then they can function to their full potential. Hope that helps.

EMT Techs in ER

Posted: Sun Dec 18, 2005 3:40 am
by crabklaw
hey, just wanted to say it totally depends on the facilities protocals what EMT's can do in the ER.. Some work under their normal scope.. I live in New Mexico, am only a Basic and i can do a whole lot in the ER. I start all the lines, all wound care, ekg's, splinting, NG's, Foleys, get this.. they even let me SUTURE!! they also let me give the anesthetic before suturing. the techs here do more than the nurses do. the nurses give meds.

Posted: Mon Dec 19, 2005 11:33 am
by GonnaPLayDoc
I know a lot of nurses think that medics are dr-wanna-be's. So yeah there is hostility.

Posted: Tue Dec 20, 2005 7:29 pm
by wackie
GonnaPLayDoc wrote:I know a lot of nurses think that medics are dr-wanna-be's. So yeah there is hostility.

Fine. They can bring it! They're just jealous because the EMT's get to go out on the town, eat at Subway, chit chat with police officers and careflight pilots while nurses are stuck with charting and eating at the hospital Gourmet Grill. Yay. :roll: :lol: