MCAT essay???

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MCAT essay???

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hey..I started practicing for MCAT and I'm not sure whether or not there's going to be an essay (but still practicing just in case) but can you please take a look at it and let me know if everything is ok..and since I'm a foreign student, my English isn't perfect so I'll appreciate any help..thanks

“What is the role of social media in nursing education?”
Nursing is a promising career choice for young people looking for a secure profession. However, it differs somewhat from other jobs due to the sensitive nature of patient information. All transactions between nurse and patient should be considered strictly confidential. Privacy is particularly apropos regarding social media, by which users readily share information to broad audiences. In nursing education, learning institutions need to include suitable guidelines in their training of student nurses. Such guidelines will include best practices and social media crisis training. One approach could be role play. In this technique, nurses are asked to imagine they are a patient whose private information they shared. The instructor can ask, "How would you feel if you were the patient, and you saw your information on Facebook or Twitter?" In this way, the student can empathize with the patient and better appreciate the impact they could have.

On the other hand, the educational experience for nursing students may be enhanced by social media. Social media platforms offer promising approaches for developing innovative ways for students to learn about the nursing profession and specialty disciplines, such as trauma, pediatrics, and geriatrics. For example, social sites may allow students to share with each other learning experiences, ideas, and advice. Students could discuss coursework and quiz each other to help them master challenging material. Students could also show their understanding to build small educational modules on social media websites to share information about illnesses, vaccines and other topics to reassure and educate patients.

Given this dual nature of social media, it is clear that educational institutions should include coursework that helps student nurses understand how best to use social media in advancing their careers.

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