mcat preparation advice

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mcat preparation advice

Post by grad2009 »

hey guys, i was wondering if people could tell me how they actually studied for the mcat. i am in the process of studying now and don't know where to begin. i am taking notes as i am studying my kaplan review books, but feel like i am just rewriting the whole book out. any other study suggestions/techniques besides note-taking and using flash cards?

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Re: mcat preparation advice

Post by MedStudent2010 »

This is how I'm doing it...(I'm using exam krackers)

Each week, I am doing a different lecture for each subject..

Monday: Read the lectures for Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Organic once without paying attention to detail

Tuesday: Carefully review chemistry lecture and work tons of problems especially on the concepts that are blurry to me.

Wednesday: Carefully review biology lecture and work problems. Take exam kracker's 30 minute chemistry exam.

Thursday: Carefully review physics lecture and work problems. Take EK's 30 min biology exam.

Friday: Carefully review organic lecture and work problems. Take EK's 30 min physics exam

Saturday: Take 30 min organic exam and work more problems for any of the subjects I feel iffy about. Review things I missed throughout the week again.

Sunday: Work the EK's 101 Passage in Verbal Reasoning. Take practice MCAT

Then I repeat for the remaining lectures in each subject. I probably study at least 4 hours a day and at most 10.

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Re: mcat preparation advice

Post by Vince86 »

The way I was taught to study is to keep repeating everything as much as possible.

So I would suggest studying 1-2 chapter of each subject a day - verbal, bio, chem, physics. orgo. Then at the beginning of each day, you skim and review the stuff from the day before to reinforce everything you learned. Look at things you wrote down and the scrap paper work you did for problems. It will look very familiar. Then at the end of each week you review everything for the week for maybe 4 hours. Do this and youll be golden. youll remember alot of things.

It will take up most of your day doing this method. Do practice problems after each chapter - the online ones too. Don;t worry if you are getting things wrong, thats what it is there for.

Study verbal everyday!! no matter what. Get in at least 2 passages a day - 18mins. Give time to review what you did wrong. I suggest doing them while you are tired or in a noisy environment. Cause on test day, you might never know what is going to happen whether it is keyboard typing noises or outside cars.

It should take you about 8 hours a day - and around 3 weeks max to finish the content review. Now by this time, you should have a firm grasp but you won't know everything.

After this content review youll do problems everyday, see what you get wrong, and go back to review stuff you are weak in. Do practice test every 3 days.

Don't rely on the practice mcat scores as a safe bet to do well. Your main goal is to understand the subject rather than get 35s on practice test, after all, they are all fake. the curves arent real i think. But they can give you confidence. On test day you should rely on your test taking skills and knowledge that you practiced. Dont relax when you get good marks on practice tests, as it is not a very accurate assessment of your knowledge.

Hope this helps! GL on your studies.

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Re: mcat preparation advice

Post by nzo »

The method I'm using is studying while studying for my courses.. sounds weird.

For example. When I was in GCHEM I, I was studying with my normal GCHEM textbook, but I was also reading the chapters in the examcrackers inorganic chemistry book that corresponded with whatever subject I was currently studying in my class. I did not do the actual practice exams, but if they were questions within or after the chapter (don't remember) I did answer them and made sure I understood them. I did Same strategy for physics, biology, and so on. This strategy really helped out in the actual courses because I knew more than I needed to in many cases, but it helped me actually understand the material and not just memorize it.

The purpose behind this strategy is when it comes down to actually preparing for the mcat, I will be reviewing.. not learning. When I get to this stage... I can share how I'm doing the *real* preparation :D

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Re: mcat preparation advice

Post by crateofslugs »

This is all fantastic advice everyone. It's precisely advice like this that makes me glad I found this forum.

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