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Re: new Healthcare bil

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Beautifully said. I was going to ignore the above post because I didn't think I could fit my thoughts in under a page or so. The military is a great example. There is a reason we have a military instead of a collection of mercenaries. I am very critical of this bill, but the expansion of coverage is huge step in the right direction. I personally have known people who have died from a sequence of events that stemmed from them not receiving the care they needed because they were uninsured. The fact that they were uninsured was not because they were lazy or irresponsible. They were just poor. You are right, this is about greed.

I am not a communist, but unregulated private enterprise is not the answer to everything.

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Re: new Healthcare bil

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I shadowed a couple of internal med/primary care physicians this week and they had nothing good to say about the bill. I don't know much about it, and would like to learn more.

Anyway, the points these docs made was that the bill would decrease incentives for medical research, send a lot more patients to underqualified NPs or PAs as opposed to physicians and decrease treatment options for people who currently have health insurance. An example of the latter was a patient experiencing bladder issues. The doc said he could have a minor operation done to relieve the pressure in the bladder, but in the future with healthcare reform, such surgeries for "comfort" would not be an option.

Can anyone verify any of this? It is quite possible these docs were just verify conservative. I am interviewing at a medical school in january so I want to touch up on this b/c I am sure it will be brought up.

One last thing, my idea- If we can get unemployment back down to 4 or 5 percent and require employers to provide healthcare, would this help?

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Re: new Healthcare bil

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medmatt wrote:I have to disagree Vonsmack. The government does a lot of things well. The military. Public education...Where did you go to school? Student loan programs. Transportation. The whole thing is about greed. If we could get insurance companies to operate within reasonable boundaries and cover more people we wouldn't be having this national debate. The problem is that people can't get covered. I'm not sure if I'm for a public option or not. But I think it would def. be better than the state of affairs right now. If the republicans want to keep to a "small government" plan they need to man up and tell the health care companies its time to start acting with a little compassion.

Obviously we have a need for government to control infrastructure, educations, military, etc.. Of course, all of these things mentioned could be argued that they are not run "well". I did not elaborate but my main point is that our government has been corrupted by party politics, lobbyists, pork barrel spending, etc. that it cannot objectively run anything efficiently. Past experience tells me this, look at our exponentially expanding deficit/debt as proof. I'm not trying to open a can of worms here, I know this is a core difference between conservatives vs. liberals so lets just stick to healthcare..

I agree the insurance industry could use increased regulation but I don't think they are the money mongering filths people make them out to be. Their profit margins aren't THAT big. The overall problem is that healthcare costs are increasing, and the government pays about 50% of healthcare costs. So let's reduce costs by --- expanding coverage and introducing public health options??? That's going to cost more money, and it is hopeful at best that covering everyone will actually lower costs. I just wish we could focus on aspects that lower costs without overhauling our medical system (which is the greatest in the world), like... cracking down on immigration, incentives for preventative care, tort reform, health insurance across state lines, increased physician/hospital write-offs, just to name a few.. :)

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Re: new Healthcare bil

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I wont get into an extended debate here because thats not really what the forum is for but I don understand the your point of view Vonsmack. Something you might find interesting (only quasi related to your post) is this link. ... 48884.html Food for thought. Merry christmas people.

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Re: new Healthcare bil

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Let's not forget legal reform.

I've seen too many classmates who would have made excellent MD's choose PA, PT, or change to Nursing because they didn't want to bother with the outrageous number of lawsuits Dr's have to deal with because of expectations of absolute perfection in todays medical world (MD's are imperfect people too. Not to say that making a mistake is ok, but it happens. So let's not blow it out of the water by suing them for millions that you don't need nor deserve). I'm not saying get rid of malpractice suits, but make it more difficult to file them. Combine that with tort reform and provide ways to decreace the MD-patient ratio and you have the only healthcare reform needed.

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