3.6 GPA, 23 MCAT

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3.6 GPA, 23 MCAT

Post by cablackf »

Please let me know what my chances are to get into medical school with a 3.6 GPA and a 23 MCAT. This was my second time and it was a 10 point improvement on the last score. I have a large list of excellent ECs and medical work. I am okay with DO schools but I am not considering Caribbean unless there is 0% hope for any U.S school. Please help me out. Would MD schools just be a waste of money and would DO schools even consider me?

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Re: 3.6 GPA, 23 MCAT

Post by DOdoc »


Well, you probably have your work cut out for you. Curiously, could you please post what your math.science GPA is as I assume what you have posted is your overall GPA. If I am in error, and you have posted your M/S GPA, I would need to ask why there is such a discrepancy between your GPA and MCAT scores.

In addition, have you conducted any research, shadowed physicians, volunteered, etc.? These are all very important in attaining admission to medical school.

As for your application, in addition to doing what I suggested above, you will need to apply to a large number of schools. The greater number of schools that you apply to, the better your chances. You never know when your application might just hit at exactly the right time.

Though you may have slightly better odds with DO schools, a 23 is still pretty low. You will need to be sure that your CV is full of medical experience and exposure and VERY strong letters of recommendation.

You do stand a fairly good chance of getting into a Caribbean school...and there are some great schools to consider. However, there are some that aren't so great either so do your homework (I am happy to provide you additional information on this if you wish).

I suggest getting a copy of a comprehensive book of the admission criteria for all the US and US based medical schools (MD and DO). I know that Princeton Review has a good one. In it, you will find all of the admission criteria and averages of the incoming students for which data is available. That should help you refine your search for schools that you could stand a chance to be accepted into.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your pursuits!
Dr. F.

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Re: 3.6 GPA, 23 MCAT

Post by Brady Kinesia »

I second the recommendation to apply to a lot of schools, if you are going to give it a shot this year.
The grades are good, the 23 MCAT is still below average. I think having scored 13 on the MCAT the first time (is that right, with 10-point improvement to 23 ?) hurts more than the 23 itself, because it's hard to explain away a really low number.
The chances of admission to some type of US school are certainly greater than zero, though so don't give up entirely

- Brady

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Re: 3.6 GPA, 23 MCAT

Post by Enot »

Your GPA is good, but your MCAT scores are very troublesome. Somewhere in the internet is a MCAT -Step I correlation estimator. This is important, because if you do indeed have great difficulties taking standardized tests, medical school will bring you difficulty. What I mean is, you may be able to get in to a school somewhere (many Caribbean schools accept people with low scores), but if you fail the boards, especially more than once, obtaining a residency will be difficult. Being honest with yourself about why you had difficulty with this is a better use of your personal resources than trying to find a way in somewhere.

I am not saying this to be discouraging. I would rather see someone find another avenue in life than blithely offering empty encouragement to someone who is later going to be buried in debt, and unable to find a means to repay it.

Who knows, maybe you had a migraine, or were emotionally distracted. If this sort of thing is the problem, and you can learn to manage it in the future, I say retake the MCAT, prove this to yourself (and the admissions committee) and forge ahead. But don't just seek a way into medical school around the barrier of you low MCAT score. Think carefully about this.

Best of luck.

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Re: 3.6 GPA, 23 MCAT

Post by Adminnaoum »

Hey cablackf -

I assume you've looked at your premed status report. It gives a reasonably detailed estimate of your chances of getting in.

Did you apply this year? Is it looking promising?

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