Chances ? What medical schools should I apply too?

Preparing and applying for medical school.

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Chances ? What medical schools should I apply too?

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Hi. I just wanted to get some input from you guys about my chances.

I am Canadian and I am planning to apply to both Us and Canada for the MD program.

GPA : 3.8
Major : Biology
Minor : Psychology
83-96% PS
1 - 16 % CARS (planning to retake the MCAT- abs crushed me lol !)
85-100% BS
75- 83% Psychology/Soc

Overall MCAT probably in the 30-33 range

Lots of Leadership experiences and lots of Teaching experiences (tutoring, TA, Grade 12 high school teacher (currently))
Paid clinical research
1 year and half of second research (thesis)
Couple of different awards for leadership mentoring and high GPA.

I was wondering what are my chances like? which schools take the CARS section lighter? can anyone suggest a list of schools that I should apply to ( planning to apply to 20+ schools)

Thank you :)

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