Interview Prior To Volunteering?

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Confused 20
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Interview Prior To Volunteering?

Post by Confused 20 »

Tomorrow I will be going to interview for a volunteering position at my local hospital. Does anybody know, from experience, what kinds of questions I will be asked? What do I say if I am asked why I want to volunteer? Should I mention that I am interested in a career in medicine? Any input will be appreciated. Thank you.

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Post by OlufunshoBY »

yes, let them know you interest in medicine. I personally have never heard of giving interview for a volunteering position.

i can't tell you how to prepare for this interview. Just tell them what your intentioins are. You want clinical experience for blah blah blah!

good luck

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Post by Rio_Redman »

I had to interview for my volunteering position, too. Actually, I had to meet with the VP of the hospital and I was asked just general "Why are you here?" types of questions. Be sure to dress nicely - Most hospitals will make you "dress up" while on duty. Also, tell them what departments/sections of the hospital you are interested in so that they can better place you. Good luck!

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Post by Jzeidenb »

at my interview for the same position, they asked me basically, what am i looking to get out of this position..

theyll get what they need in your answer

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Post by wackie »

I had one.

Dress nice. Fake being extremely outgoing if you aren't (I'm very introverted and have no overwhelming desire to introduce myself to every single soul, so I had to fake this). Be friendly and smile alot. If you get the "No spots in the emergency department, but I have a spot..." then take it. Work in that position for a few months and check for openings where you want to be. I started in ICU. Hated it. Doctors were there for all of five minutes. But, I gained a great deal of understanding about what nurses do. My foot was in the door since I was a volunteer there (so you get dibs on spots before those who haven't been "hired" yet). Still, I hated it. But, I worked hard and now I'm in the ED which is much more fun.
However, in the six months I've been in the ED, I haven't actually seen anyone die. In the ICU where I was for three months, I saw two.

I think they're just making sure you aren't....weird. Not cool weird, but bad weird.

Make sure your hair isn't an unnatural color either.

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