At a cross-roads

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At a cross-roads

Post by Vanish007 »

Hello Everyone,

Thanks for taking the time to read my post. A little about myself: I graduated in 2005 with a BS in Biochem and a Psych minor. GPA is a 2.78 and my MCAT score was a 22Q (V= 5, P = 7, B = 10). The poor GPA was due to my mistake of trying to work to support myself during undergrad and signing up for a volunteer EMT job since I thought it would help for med school - mistake I know. I've been working in a research lab for the entire time since I have graduated.

Because of my exceedingly low GPA and MCAT score I thought that medicine would never be a reality for me and gave up on the dream of any US school.

However, on the advice of a family friend that is a physician, I decided to give Xavier University in Aruba a try and recently got accepted.

My question is what do you all think about this school, should I be extra cautious? I did NOT apply to the "big three" Caribbean schools because I did not think that I would have a shot with them since I saw students with 3.0+ GPAs and higher MCAT scores applying there. The main reason I'm interested in them now is that after reading CaribMD's blog about medical school debt and how the "Big three" have federal grants, this sounded much more appealing to me. Do I even have a shot with them or should I simply be thankful that Xavier accepted me and continue with the dream that I've always had?

Thank you, kindly, for taking the time to read this and for answering my questions. A good day to you all!

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Re: At a cross-roads

Post by shrink »

Wow, sorry this reply is so late, but I'll throw 2 cents in here if you're still interested. I think that your GPA and MCAT are a bit low, but if you don't apply you won't know. There's a chance, as I knew people with lower scores at Ross. That being said, you may get "MERPed", that is to say, get offered entrance into their MERP program, which is a pre-med semester, that if you pass, you get admitted into med school the following semester. It's an extra semester and extra money in that case . . . but again, I think it's worth applying just to see.

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