dead end...premed at caribbean????

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dead end...premed at caribbean????

Post by hippocratez »

So ill get straight to the point here's my situation.

1) finished 2nd year of undergrad at queensu. Not in life sci but took all the science courses hoping to transfer into life sci after 2nd yr.
2) taking this yr off to figure out what to do
3) super low GPA so far due to lots of personal issues. Even if i kill the next two years of my undergrad i am pretty sure I won't have a chance at any Canadian med schools. I have retook some of my courses so redoing first and 2nd year is not an option
4) took mcat prep course during the summer but do not have organic chem credit yet

There is nothing else I want to do but become a doctor so quitting is not an option.
I have checked the Caribbean school websites and ordered lookbooks but not enough info.
Now my question is could I get accepted to a Caribbean medical school (one of the top 4 that everyone mentions) for premed and complete my MD there, then return to Canada hopfully for residency then to work. I am not looking for shortcuts but i feel that i dont have other options. I have read on some posts that you can't work in Canada without an undergrad, but others say it doesn't matter.
I can't think of any other options
So there's the situation I am really lost any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: dead end...premed at caribbean????

Post by DOdoc »


Are you comfortable in posting the real numbers you have now (GPA, etc.). What those numbers actually are will influence the answer on how best to move forward. If you are uncomfortable posting these publicly, then please respond to me and we'll set up a plan for a private exchange.

Very few situations are completely hopeless--they do exist, but my experience has been many individuals misunderstand many details and in the end, it isn't as bleak as it may seem.

Standing by to assist,
Dr. F.

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