Irish Schools - Atlantic Bridge Program

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Irish Schools - Atlantic Bridge Program

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Does anybody know anyone who has participated in or applied to these programs of study? How competitive are applications? What is the education like? Any pitfalls to gain more information about?

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For what you get, the Irish schools cost a lot more than they should. It's like $36000 for tuition and fees (only) at the Royal College of Surgeons in Dublin--and you still have to worry about living expenses. Ireland is fairly expensive to live in, so budget about $55,000 a year if you plan to go there.

I don't know how competitve getting in is. But they have a very narrow window, apparently, for sending out applications, getting them back, and interviewing/accepting applicants. How do I know this? I called them in January to get an application/info packet, and they told me that they had already closed everything out for the year. They wouldn't send me one when I called in November. See what I mean?

As to pitfalls, I can offer only one piece of advice: BEWARE AGENTS!
And that's what Atlantic Bridge is; agents for the Irish med schools.

If you think you'd like to go to Europe for med school, I would suggest Poland or the Czech Republic (maybe Hungary). They all have English-language programs that are well-established, and cost considerably less than all other options. Poland, especially, is much more modern and cosmopolitan than most people would give it credit for. Not to mention that, admission is painless (especially the Polish ones), and they offer you the same potentials as those schools in the Caribbean, Ireland, and Israel.
All the schools are listed in IMED. And Title IV aid, in the form of Stafford and Graduate Plus loans, is available; as well as the private loans like TERI and Sallie Mae.

I'd be glad to fill you in, if you'd like, including pictures from my recent visit to Poland...and anything else I've got on it.
Don't hesitate to private me!


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