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wow, so its really true that its one hell of an ordeal trying to work relationships its in med school? i'm not dating a med student, but i'm going to be one sometime soon and so far, all i've heard is it barely works out. i'm actually in a long distance relationship ( atleast until we're done our bachelor's) but we're very serious and dont want to give up just because somethings hard. afterall the more you work for something the more precious it is to you right?all everyone talks about is how bleak it is, and i guess it just freaks premeds like me! i dont know, is there any of you out there who're able to make med school and a serious relationship work out?

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Well, my boyfriend is getting his PhD in physics and so we're both pretty busy (although I'm much busier than he is). But we're doing just fine thank you very much and I have plenty of friends who are in serious relationships and one or both of them is in med school and they're doing fine, too. It all depends on the type of relationship you have or want to have. It most definitely takes some work, you have to prioritize and make time for your significant other. Our dean talked to us about this during our orientation and she told us that we should actually write this into our daily schedules; I thought it sounded ridiculous at the time, but it is so true. You have to work at your relationship, and make sure that you talk to your other half about the fact that you'll be very busy and that they need to have more understanding that most people.

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I hear you guys. I definitely liked the discussion. After reading all of this, though, I think I've realized that he and I are growing apart. As sad as it sounds, I think he's just really enjoying his new life with all the changes around him and I don't know if he's all that worried about how things are between us. I guess that's just long-distance relationships for you, though. There's always a risk that they won't really miss anything back home. Anyway, thanks a ton!


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Dating a med student too... any ideas on how to stay sane?

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Hi, I'm also dating a med student in his 2nd year. Right now he's studying for the USMLE step 1 and I'm having a hard time not being able to spend time together. When we are together, it's great, but then he feels guilty for not studying.

How do I get through the next two months?

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Burn all his USMLE study books. And threaten your nearby bookstore that if they even think about selling him anybooks, you will burn down their store too.

Patience....patience...patience. For the next two months, and be VERY understanding. You'll be fine!

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