New Pfizer Commercial makes Docs look stupid

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New Pfizer Commercial makes Docs look stupid

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The new Commercial by Pfizer makes Doctors out to be stupid and that Pfizer will help the Alzheimer patients. Quote: "I spoke to the Doctor and she thinks Mom is getting older" not that we can tell when a person is having deficits, what do we know? We only went to medical school!!!!!

I have spent a lot of time studying and learning the differences of Alzheimer's and normal aging I think I can evaluate a patient for the differences.

link to the video ... 94F6AABD53

The video makes you think because the person went to Pfizer not the doctor, now that the lay person has examined the patient with Pfizer's help all will be well and the Doctor has learned the patient has Alzheimer's. the Public is already jaded at times with Docs, do you really think this helps Doctors or hurt them?
I think the feeling is reinforced that Doctors do not know much!

What do you think?

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