Sort of at an impasse

Issues specific to osteopathic medical education and practice as a DO.

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Sort of at an impasse

Post by jparkerc »

Well, since about freshman year in college, I had my eyes set on being an MD and didn't even know what a DO school was. I did pretty well as a BIO major and ended up with a 3.65 approaching my last semester. I took the MCAT last spring and ended up with a 27, much less than I wanted.

I planned on taking it again this year hoping to do much better. My practice test scores are going down...not up. I don't mean to make this an MCAT post. I realize as a white male (no racism here, just trying to be realistic) that my existing score isn't going to cut it for an MD school.

I work as an ER scribe and we have a couple of DOs in the ED. I honestly wouldn't know the difference without the badge letters. Having learned more about osteopathic medicine, I am certainly open to going to a DO school.

So my issue is that I am currently taking classes, and working, and studying for the MCAT. My grades are suffering at this point, although not to the point of no return (i can still turn it around if i dig in). I haven't registered for the MCAT yet.

I am thinking of not taking it at all, and exclusively applying to DO schools with hopes of only taking a single year off as opposed to two, if I don't get in after the next tentative MCAT.

Sorry for being so long winded, I'm just not sure what to do. I could conceivably take the mcat again during my year off and wait an additional year, but I dont really want to do that. Is what I have now (3.65,27,ER experience) enough to potentially get in? I've viewed the calculator on this page, but I was hoping to get someone's actual experience with the application to a DO school. I hope to be an ER doc, or maybe an addiction psychiatrist, or a pulmonologist.

Thanks everyone

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Re: Sort of at an impasse

Post by CaribMD »

I think you have a chance at DO, go ahead and apply I think your stats are good enough.

27 is low but not so low that I do not think they will not consider you.


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