Yes, this is another what are my chances post!

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Yes, this is another what are my chances post!

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So I want to go to med school so incredibly bad! But right now I'm a real underdog. I'm third year bio major and really messed up my my first semester. ( 2 f's d and c because I became pregnant with my son and had to move back home to attend a jr. college.. Please no judgement!) I know I have the ability to do well I have gotten strait A's in micro,A and P, genetics, chem, calc and all that!

But getting down to the real question, if I continue to get straight a's, the highest ( non-grade forgiving) gpa I can get is 3.67 cumulative . I want to attend a d.o program in the state of Florida ( lecom or nsu which both have average around 3.45 ). Does anyone think that with those potential stats I would have a chance, even with half of the credits coming from a 4 year jr college?

Ec info so far-
lpn at research center 1 year
Chem and anatomy tutor at my college 2.5 years
150+ hours volunteering at hospital

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Re: Yes, this is another what are my chances post!

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I believe that the two failing grades will not hold you back if your overall grade point average is good.
Also whether it was junior college or some other type of undergraduate program is not so important.

MCAT will be the decisive factor, because it is an "equalizer" that objectively compares everyone's knowledge of the premedical material no matter where they went to school

Have you thought much about MCAT or taken a practice test?

- Percy

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