The Future of Your Nursing Career

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Re: The Future of Your Nursing Career

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Caring for people is a skill set that never will be automated by artificial intelligence or if it eventually is… it will be 50–100 years from now. It is also one of the most recession-proof careers; especially in America and more especially over the 2020’s through the 2040’s based on population demographics. It pays well, generally 3–5 times the poverty rate in the United States. It can be done nearly everywhere so you can live anywhere. It can be done for 60–80 hours/week at two healthcare settings or it can be done 20 hours a week when one is pressed into the service of family above career.

A good nurse can make all the difference to a patient’s outlook on their situation dealing with their illness or injury in the healthcare system.

Doctors - they have knowledge and take an oath to use it to ‘serve’ others, society and mankind itself. This combination brings out many different facets of personality types and ultimately runs the gamut of human achievements; both good and evil, unfortunately. One should be kind, but it is not absolutely necessary to perform the task of a physician. One should have the courage to choose and demand what is right for a patient but the system, especially in 2018, tends to crush this instinct from practicing doctors.

Nursing - Not to sound too much like I’m talking about Cinderella but… if in your heart you are a Kind soul AND you believe you have the Courage to do what is right for yourself and ultimately, your patients… then you may find nursing rewarding, even on the worst of days of that career.

One bonus to going into to Nursing in the 21st Century is that there are additional higher levels of education and training that can propel your status and career in healthcare to levels not really possible in nursing in the 20th Century… and these can be done over the stages of your life unlike physicians who really need to get all their training out of the way in the beginning.

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Re: The Future of Your Nursing Career

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I am very glad to know about the scope and future of nursing career here & these new developments not only require students with education from top nursing programs, but also indicate a shift in where the best nursing opportunities are.

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