Clinical rotation for a European medical stduent

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Clinical rotation for a European medical stduent

Post by jtantchou »

Please help.
I am a sith yera medical stduent in germany and when i finish I plan on having residency in in ternla medicine in the US. To improve my chances, I am seeking for a clinical clerckship rotation in the US
Can anyne help?
has anyone ever heard about the, a group involved in finding US clinical rotations for IMG ?
thanks for your help

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Clinical rotations

Post by anatolyk »

First of all you have to determine what specialties would you like to rotate with.

Then go to FREIDA and find program web sites there. Then go to GME (Graduate Medical Education) or Electives section. Finally get a phone number/e-mail address of this department and call/e-mail them.

Surprizingly a lot of university hospitals are open for foreign medical students' clerkships. Not as much for the foreign graduates though.

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