Inappropriate Interview Questions

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Inappropriate Interview Questions

Post by tucson_easy »

I would appreciate your thoughts regarding a question I was asked during my interview:
"How do you expect to pay for medical school?"..."Don't worry, this is not part of the interview"
I responded that I would use my house equity and my 401k portfolio which I was further questioned "Do you really have that much in your 401k after this year's market?".

My interviewer also complained about how the current democratic administration may potentially damage medicine in the US. Even though I share her opinion, I did not feel this was appropriate to discuss either.
Any thoughts?
Thank you!

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Re: Inappropriate Interview Questions

Post by blooteeth »

I think the second comment is okay. Any discussion of healthcare plans or universal healthcare is going to be tinted by political views.

The first question was a bit nosy and inappropriate but I don't think it was offensive or anything. I've heard of horror stories of interviewers making comments specifically directed at the interviewee's sex, race, and religious views.

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Re: Inappropriate Interview Questions

Post by CaribMD »

Everyone should avoid Politics and religion in the interviews

As far as Universal Healthcare I have very radical views myself and I'm for a form of it.

But if interviewed my answer is we all need to deal with what ever happens, Taking care of patients is my main focus.

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Re: Inappropriate Interview Questions

Post by ngohrvinet »

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Re: Inappropriate Interview Questions

Post by lexa10881 »

Lots of interviewers will push the envelope with the types of questions they ask. Just watch how much personal information you do disclose--financial, health, and some personal facts are better left unsaid and you have the right to leave them that way.

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